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Alouette Member's Card

In order to thank you for the preference that you show us, we have created a rewarding, benefits member’s card, Alouette Member’s Card, which rewards our members with bonus purchases!


If you wish to do so, all the purchases you make in Alouette stores & Alouette E-shop can be added together in your personal account and as soon as you gather the amount of 100€ worth of purchases you win an Alouette Bonus gift voucher worth of 10€ for future purchases. In cases of discount products, points do not count.


Alouette Member’s Card is strictly personal and can only be used after the identification of the personal information that you have given us. In case of loss, it is replaced by a new one, with complete balance update.


Alouette Bonus gift vouchers are redeemed with Alouette products in Alouette stores or at affiliated department stores and are not replaced in case of loss.


The CHILDREN’S CLOTHING COMPANY SA with the distinctive title Alouette SA maintains your full name and your contact information solely for the purpose of counting your points and informing you on news and offers, so that you are able to use the benefits offered through your Alouette Member’s Card.


The information that you provide with your online purchase, are collected and retained only with your consent, for as long as you wish to use your Alouette Member’s Card. Your information is not disclosed to third parties. By selecting “Yes, I wish to stay up to date” through our site, you express your consent for the retention and process of them by Alouette SA for the aforementioned purposes. In any case, you maintain the right to withdraw your consent, by stating your choice in any one of our stores or through our website


If you don’t have your own Alouette Member’s Card yet, you can get it with any first purchase you make in Aloutte stores and at